Jeremiah 29:11-13

"For I know the plans I have you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future... You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:11-13

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Weight Loss Bible Study - Day 18

Welcome to Day 18 - Is Overeating a Sin? Part 1

Barb's Blog "Taste for Truth," Christian Weight Loss Podcasts

I Deserve a Donut - Ever Feel Like Rebelling?"

"Taste for Truth," Is Overeating a Sin? Part 1
Barb asks us the question of whether we think overeating is a sin?
She has come up with three questions. The first one she gives us today.
"Are you turning to food to cope with life?"
If we are turning to food instead of God we might need to look at that. "Turning to food can become dangerous if we are drowning our sorrows in ice cream."
"Why?" she asks.
"Because we're developing the a habit of going to food for help with life's problems. Not only is that unwise - since food can't solve our problems - but it also puts us at risk for making an idol of food."

That never occurred to me.
"Making an idol of food."
Something here to think about.

Bible Study
3. ...According to the following verses, what will God do for us if we go to Him for help with our problems?
Psalm 46:1-2
God is our refuge and strength,
an ever-present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear,
though the earth give way
and the mountains fall into
the heart of the sea.

Hebrews 12:7-11
Galatians 5:16,22-23

Go to God for help instead of food.

1. A true God who helps when we ask
2. Calming music
3. Calming friends

Hebrews 13:5
I will in no way leave you,
neither will I in any way
forsake you.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Weight Loss Bible Study - Day 17

Welcome to Day 17 - I Will Never Change

Just a reminder that I will be linking posts from both of Barb's blogs to help us along the way for the next 5 days, instead of doing a review of WLBS and Taste for Truth. I gave a little review of Taste for Truth's chapter today of what really spoke to me.
So far I'm loving Weight Watchers. *smiles*
Keep up the good work!

Barb's blog link for "Start a Habit"

I Deserve a Donut... "Not Even One Bite"

"Taste for Truth" I Will Never Change"
Read the Chapter
Bible Study
2. What is your goal with this study?
    For me, it is to break old habits, exchange the lies for truth and finally lose weight.

Bible verses
2Kings 5:1-15
Romans 12:2
John 15:4-5

Have a little visit with God about your food issues and your experiences with renewing of the mind. As you're visiting with Him, remember that He loves you and wants to help you.

1. Weight Watchers and other diets that help us
2. My SIL
3. My support team

Hebrews 13:5
I will in no way leave you,
neither will I in any way
forsake you.


Monday, January 15, 2018

Weight Loss Bible Study - Day 16

Welcome to Day 16- How to Choose Weight Loss Boundaries (and lies that make us change them so often)

I joined Weight Watchers yesterday and my first day begins today. I did Weight Watchers for a short time, Jan. - Mar. 2017 and lost some weight that I put back on over the course of last year. I didn't stick with it, so I'm trying again. I like the tools they offer and I'm doing it on-line since there are no meetings close to me. I have a different mind set with Barb's study and feel stronger this year. My SIL and I are doing this together, so I also have an accountability partner. With this study I think I can make this time.
I WILL make it this time!

Go ahead and the read the blog post for today.
Oh, the lies we tell ourselves....

"Taste for Truth" - I Might As Well Eat

Barb talks about failure eating and breaking our boundaries. Even one bite is failure eating and breaking our boundaries.
She tells us to reach for those Bible verses we've learned instead of that one bite.
Renew your mind
Read those Bible verses
Keep your boundaries
State your truth
BEFORE you take that one bite!!

Bible Study
1. Read Luke 4:1-13
It is wonderful that we have the Bible to see how Jesus was tempted and how he handled it. It wasn't easy for Him Barb tells us. Angels came to minister to Him when it was over!
She also tells us that we can and should pull out those Bible verses we've learned and use them today and everyday when we are tempted. Memorize one that really speaks to you and use it daily as your weapon against temptation. State that truth!

1. All of you for joining me in this journey
2. Bible verses to help us battle the temptations
3. A God who truly loves us and wants us to succeed 

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything,
but in every situation,
by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weight Loss Bible Study - Day 15

Welcome to Day 15 - Social Eating

Just a heads up. Tomorrow will be my last day to post here daily on WLBS. Barb's blog goes through day 16, but the book covers through day 30. For day 17-21, I will be posting links to both her blogs to help us keep going. I committed to 21 days here on this topic. I have begun an Inductive Bible Study Class that is taking way more of my time than I expected in study time. It is something I have wanted to learn for quite some time and don't want to fail. I'm sure I will probably share my experiences with you at some point. After the 21 days I will check in once or twice a week to see how we are all doing. If you need something specific addressed in the tips links, just leave me a comment and I will do my best to research and find some helpful ideas for you. Don't be shy in asking. We are in this together and I want to help all I can. We can continue to hold each other up in prayer, too.

Speaking of those pesky headlines that lie and make promises of quick weight loss and how fun and easy it is...we need to stop believing them. There is no quick, fun and easy way to lose weight. Believe me, if there was I would have done it years ago. It is hard work, but we can do this! I believe in you. More importantly...God believes you.

"Taste for Truth," A Renewing of the Mind Challenge

"The sooner we get this lie out of our heads (she is talking about the headlines) the better. We are transformed by the renewing of the mind. Not by boundaries. And it's not easy to develop a renewing-of-the-mind habit."
(me: Don't I know this!)
"Nothing is better than sweet fellowship with God."
The six tips to help develop a renewing-of-the-mind habit:
1. "Make a plan."
2. "Renew your mind at the same time every day."
3. "Get your ducks in a row."
4. "Remember that you have an enemy."
5. "Get an accountability partner."
6. "Renew your mind about the renewing of the mind.
Barb gives details on how to do all of these in the book.

Bible Study
3. According to the following Bible verses, why does God want you to spend time with Him each day?
Isaiah 62:4-5 No loner will they call you Deserted, or name your land Desolate. But you will be called Hephzibah and your land Beulah, for the Lord will take delight in you, and your land will be married. As a young man marries a young woman, so will your Builder marry you; as a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you.
   (By reading His word daily we can rejoice and remember we are not alone and  He loves us.)
Jeremiah 29:13
Jeremiah 31:3-4
John 15:4
Romans 12:2
Galatians 5:16
Hebrews 12:11
She asks us to take on one of several Renewing of the Mind Challenges. Choose which one you would like to do.

Social Eating Blog Post
Let's go to Barb's blog and she what she has to say today.

I love her explanation of "The Fairness Line."
Really helps to put things in perspective, doesn't it?
"We believe the lies that make us eat, because the culture spoon feeds us those lies from birth.
(me: Not only culture, but families, too.)
Renew our minds.
Break free from the lies.
Make new habits.

Social Eating Bible Study
1. Read Philippians 2:4.
...not looking out for your own interests,
but each of you to the interests of others.
What would you be concerned with if you were looking out for you own interests at a potluck?
   I wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings by not taking something they made. I would look for the healthy dishes, skip the desserts and explain I was on a diet. Everyone understands when someone is dieting.
Answer the rest on your own. Great questions here, as usual.

1. Understanding friends
2. Being strong to my new habits in any situation
3. Time spent in God's word

Ephesians 1:6
I have not stopped giving thanks for you,
remembering you in my prayers.

If you need prayer for this journey or any reason, leave me a comment and I will add you to my prayer list. 


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Weight Loss Bible Study - Day 14

Welcome to Day 14 - Bad Scale Eating

I DID IT!! I lost that other pound. Yay, me!
Now I have promised myself not to get on the scale for another week. No more daily readings. It really doesn't give you an accurate picture of what is going on anyway. Too many variables each day.

Do you get frustrated when the scales doesn't move and you've worked so hard to stay in your boundaries and exercised? It is frustrating, but don't give up. I didn't and it paid off.
Keep going.
Don't lose faith.
Read your Bible verses.
God is here to help us.
Lots to learn on the blog today. I'll let you do it alone this time.

"Taste for Truth"
The Renovation of the Mind Day 14

How do we renew our mind?
"It's kind of like home improvement."
1. "You don't know what you're getting into."
2. "You uncover problems you didn't know you had."
3. "You have to make multiple calls to the Carpenter."
4. "It usually takes longer than you planned."
"In the end it looks great and you wonder why you didn't do it years ago."
She talks about old self/new self, old lies/truth, cultural perspective/Biblical perspective, what you learned growing up/what you learned in the Bible.
"One of the lies you learned growing up is that food will make you feel better."
My grandmother used to bake a chocolate cake to make you feel better. She was just being nice. She didn't realize I was learning that "Eating makes me feel better" or "Food is the answer to all life's problems." We have to unlearn this by renewing our minds by staying in our boundaries.
"Take off the lies and put on the truth."
Barb's other blog "I Deserve a Donut and Other Lies" has some great tools to help us do this.

Bible Study:
1. Think of the family you grew up in. What did they believe about life, food, appearances?
List as many things as you can.
    Parents and grandparents were overweight
    Father was a chef and Greek (they like to feed people)
    Grandmother loved to cook/bake and feed people
    They all loved to entertain and food was the center of it all

6. Read Ephesians 4:22-24
That in reference to your former manner of life,
you lay aside the old self,
which is being corrupted in accordance with the lusts of deceit,
and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind,
and put on the new self,
which in the likeness of God
has been created in righteousness
and holiness of the truth.
(Wow. It's all there for us, eh?)
 a. Think specifically of your goal of breaking free form the control of food. What three things does the passage tell you to do if you want to be transformed?
  1. Lay aside the old self
  2. Renew in the spirit of your mind
  3. Put on the new self

I encourage you answer b-g and complete the assignment of the day.

1. A chance to renew my mind
2. The ability to unlearn the old lies
3. Creating a new self


Friday, January 12, 2018

Weight Loss Bible Study - Day 13

Welcome to Day 13 - Good Food Eating

I'm stuck. Already. The scale won't move.
Time to re-evaluate. I CAN do this. And I know the scale will go down if I just stick with this.

From Barb's Blog"
Good food = Yummy food Go read today's post.

I like her idea of rating bites of yummy food from 1 to 10.
First bite = 10
Last bite = ?
So when do you stop eating? 5, 4, 6? How about 9. Do we really need to go beyond that?
"The trick is to find just the right amount of food for maximum enjoyment with minimum consequences."
I think this is a great tool and I'm going to try it!

The "More is Better" Bible Study
1. What do we have to be careful of when we really love or want something (like food)?
1Corinthians 6:12 "I have the right to do anything," you say - but not everything is beneficial...."
Jeremiah 2:11-13
Philippians 3:18-20

Good Food Eating Questions
6. Are boundaries easy to follow or do you usually have to give up something to follow them?
    No, they are not for me. I had to give up sugar completely or would have failed in the "sweet" department. I usually can't stop at one cookie per day.

"Taste for Truth"
I wrote my opening paragraph today before I read today's chapter, "When the Scale Doesn't Move." It happened to me yesterday, too. Do you think God is at work here? *smiles*
Barb says, "What I want is a miracle. A nice, steep, diagonal line on a weight loss graph, always heading down in a nice, orderly fashion." (Me, too!) "What is up with the flat line - or even worse- those weeks when the scale goes up?"
   1. It's probably water weight. (I have a serious problem with this myself)
   2. The body is taking a little break before a big leap the following week. (I can only hope!)
Whenever we have unrealistic expectations about weight loss it can cause feeling of frustration and rebellion. We need to put on our amour of God (read those Bible verses) and be tough on ourselves.
Keep up a good attitude.
Renew Your Mind.
Keep Your Boundaries
State Your Truth

According to the following Bible verses, how should you handle the trial of seeing a high number on the scale?
Romans 5:3-5 Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.
Romans 8:28
Galatians 6:9
Philippians 4:6
Philippians 4:11-13

"If the scale is starting to frustrate you, weigh in less often."
(I think I need to do this. I weigh in every day and it does get frustrating when the scale doesn't move or goes up.)

1. Counselors 
2. Doctors
3. Special "me" time

Philippians 4:6
Do not be anxious about anything,
but in every situation
by prayer and petition,
with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.


Thursday, January 11, 2018

Weight Loss Bible Study - Day 12

Welcome to Day 12 - Hopeless Eating

From Barb's Blog:
"Have you ever thought, 'I'll never get over this, I'll be struggling with my weight 'til the day I die?'"
(me: raises hand.)
She tells us that it isn't hopeless if we fight the lies with truth.
Go read her blog post for today.

Hopeless Eating Bible Study:
Read Luke 4:1-13
1. What did Jesus do every time Satan tempted him?
    He quoted scripture to him.
2. Why do you think He did that?
    For strength, to fight off the temptation and to remind Satan of God's rules.
3. What do the following verses say about Jesus and temptation?
  Hebrews 2:18 Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.
  Hebrews 4:15  For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weakness, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are - yet he did not sin.

Hopeless Eating questions
1. How many years have you been struggling with your weight and eating issues?
    Most of my adult life.
2. How many years (or weeks) have you been diligent about applying truth to the lies that are feeding your habit?
   Not until this study began.

"Taste for Truth:"
In today's chapter, "When You're Not Good Enough," Barb tells the story of a daughter who's father is critical of her weight.
Bible Study:
1. Do you have anyone in your life right now who is critical of your weight?
(The rest of question 1 is too personal to answer here.)
2. If you're a child of God through faith, how does He see you and feel about you?
1Samuel 16:7
Isaiah 62:4-5
Jeremiah 31:3-4
Jeremiah 31:20
Zephaniah 3:17
Luke 12:6-7
Romans 3:23
Ephesians 2:8-9
Ephesians 2:10

(I love #5!)
5. Will God still love and accept you if don't lose weight?
Barb answers this for us. ("You better say yes to this one!")
Insecurity Bible Verses on her blog:
Get comfy and spend 5 minutes praying the verses above and the Insecurity verses on her blog.
As you pray, picture God doing the things He says He'll do in those verses.

Verse Mapping

Today I chose the verse from yesterday that touched my heart so deeply.
John 16:33
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.
In this world you will have troubles.
But take heart!
I have overcome the world."

Click on the picture for a larger view.

1. A God who loves me no matter how I look
2. A God who understands temptations
3. You, my friend