Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 5 - Thirty - Thirty six

     My sister-in-law picked me up for a (30) drive around the valley, seeing her old haunts, catching up on what's new. She kept remarking about how big the trees had gotten in certain areas and telling me who used to live in what house, what was missing and what was new. We went up (and I mean up) a road where she wanted to check out a house she had been interested in before it sold. This is a (31) view coming back down the hill. That's a long way down, but it sure is pretty.

      A little while later, we were on the other side of that valley.  There are quite a few (32) ranch and (33) farm houses to see, along with (34) cattle, (35) horses and (36) sheep. My kind of valley. So, there we were, driving along the east side and suddenly she yells, "APPLES!" She stops the car in the middle of the road, puts it in reverse and starts backing up. We are the only car on the road at the time. "Couldn't do that where I live," she says. DUH!  She lives in a big city. Anyway, she backs up to the apple tree, parks the car along the side of the road and gets out and picks apples. I need to look for a bumper sticker for her car that says, "This car stops at Apple Trees." The same thing happened on our walk to town yesterday. I think she has built in apple radar! She keeps one out of the bag and asks if I'd like one. Sure, I say. She thanks God for the apples in a beautiful Jewish prayer and we take our first bite. Juicy, but a little tart. Better for pies or applesauce. We each eat about half (really, it's all we can take) and then toss the rest in the field for the critters.
     The best part of the whole afternoon was spending it with her. She is a special lady and I am so thankful and blessed to have her in my life.
     Wishing you a peaceful sleep, Deborah


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 4 - Twenty-three - Twenty-nine

     My feet hit the carpet running, it seemed as I took on one chore after another this morning. The (23) washer and (24) dishwasher were going and the (25) bread machine was beginning it's cycle all before 8:30a.m.  (26) Dogs and (27) cats were fed, (28) the bed was made and hubby was (29) safely home after a full nights work and an hour's commute. The day had barely started for me and I was already fully blessed with 7 good and perfect gifts. What more could the rest of my day possibly bring?  It will be overflowing with gifts if this keeps on!
      Praise God from whom all blessings flow,  Deborah

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 3 - Fifteen thru Twenty-two

     (15) "Your sister is coming today!" I shout to my husband as I dance around the livingroom like a child on Christmas morning.  I haven't seen her in months and even though we talk on (16) the phone almost daily, it is still not the same as in person. She called to say she was just over the hill and would be here in less than a half an hour.  My husband sees me staring out the window, looking down the road and asks if I plan to stay there until she gets here? I turn to him smiling, unaware that I was even doing it and say, "Maybe." Then finally she is here and all chaos explodes as dog cousins sniff dog cousins, jumping around barking as
(17) we hug and make our way inside. Once order is restored and we catch our breath, she shares a few (18) apples she stopped along the way to pick. The branch is still attached to one apple and I add it to my window with my garden (19) tomato and capture the moment. 

     The apple tree grows right along the highway, no human tends it and the apples are perfect. No worm holes, no blemishes, no diseases.  She cuts one open and slices it, handing us each a piece. It is good. 
     (20) Autumn is in the air again. Crisp mornings, warm days and cool nights. We are expecting a week of rain beginning Friday. The ground is so parched and needs it badly.  My soul does, too.  I will (21) harvest the last of the garden before it rains. There is not much left, but a few tomatoes and some herbs. The garden wasn't as productive this year as in years past. Some years are just like that. So am I actually. (22) Ecclesiastes 3, comes to mind. A time for everything.
     Wishing you blessings, Deborah

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 2 - Eight thru Fourteen

     Even though it hasn't rained in two days, I could still smell  (8) the scent of rain on the morning breeze as I left. I needed to take (9) our car in for an oil change and tire rotation and it was a beautiful drive through (10) the valley and over (11) the mountain.  I used my time while waiting for my car to ponder today's thankful list. My head spins with ideas and is overflowing with so much gratefulness that I does one choose only seven things when you begin this journey?  I look around (12) our house we own, I look out the kitchen window at (13) our yard with the vegetable garden, views and the pets, I look around the quiet neighborhood and think about (14) our neighbors who bless our lives in so many ways. I guess it is good to get the obvious ones written down so I can begin to see the not so obvious and small blessings He gives me. Please, Lord help me be more aware of the little things.  The small things that may go unnoticed in my busyness to get through my other lists today.
     May your life be rich with His blessings, Deborah

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Beginning...

     I was given the gift of a blog to read by a friend over this past weekend and it touched my soul so deeply that I decided to join the ranks of these wonderful believers and add my list of gifts to the Master's list. This blog will evolve and grow as I do. Today is the first day, so please allow me time to fine tune and make it my own. I feel so blessed to be a part of this. Thank you especially to Ann Koskamp at
Monday's 7 Good and Perfect Gifts 

1. knowing God
2. knowing Jesus
3. knowing the Holy Spirit
4. my husband
5. our 6 children
6. our 8 grandchilren
7. family and friends

     Each day I will share the 7 most good and perfect gifts I am thankful for that day.
     What a reason to get up and know "This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it!" Psalm 118:24.
     May you know His peace, Deborah

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