Monday, March 26, 2012

Blessed Beyond Belief

     I'm feeling lost lately. Like I'm in the desert with sand in my eyes trying to find my way. God never leaves us, we distance ourselves sometimes without knowing. Then suddenly we keep turning around and around and we've lost site of Him. I call out for Him, but his voice is so far away I can barely hear Him calling my name.
I am so thankful, because I know:
     376) He is still there
     377) Knowing I'll be even closer to Him when I do get back
     378) This writing down of thankfulness will get me there even faster
     379)  I love Him deeply
     380) Finding joy in this foggy, wet day is grace
     381) This feeling of desert-ness is grace
     382) This depression is grace
     383) All of my life is grace
     384) ALL is grace

     May you truly be blessed today.  Love, Deborah

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