Monday, December 19, 2011

The Gifts

     Go here and be truly blessed: 

     My favorite version of the Christmas story is in Luke 1 - 2:20, although I love all the Gospel accounts of His birth.
     I finished Ann's book, One Thousand Gifts last week. I have been walking in a joyous daze ever since. I can't seem to stop wondering how it would be on that road to Emmaus walking with Jesus, thinking He is a stranger to those parts and explaining the events of the past three days of His life to Him, inviting Him to stay with you because it late and then....He reveals Himself to you at supper...when He breaks the thanks...and hands it to you. (Luke 24:13-31)  How would you feel if it happened to you today? That is what I keep pondering and my heart swells with joy and love for Him, because of all He has done for me and you.

     195)  The Breaking of Bread
     196)  Branches and leaves, frozen in time by crystal frost
     197)  Winter sun barely warming the day
     198)  This week leading to Christmas
     199)  My dogs, who remind me of God's unconditional love
     200)  Bibles on Kindle
     201)  More quilt tops finished
     202)  Another quilt started
     203)  Pastors who shepherd, so beautifully, the flock she has been given
     204)  Soup kitchens
     205)  The Carolers, who braved the crisp night to sing joyously at my door
     206)  Christmas music

     This joyous heart wishes you a very blessed week, Deborah


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  1. Carolers.

    What a concept.

    I'm glad somebody is still doing that...


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