Sunday, January 29, 2017

Rev. 1:8-9 Verse Mapping

Another wonderful morning spent studying the word of God in the book of Revelation!

Traditionally it was believed that the Apostle John wrote Revelation, but more modern scholars reject this idea. Nobody really knows who this "John of Patmos" is. Well, God does and that is all that really matters, eh?

I have always loved it when God calls Himself the "Alpha and the Omega." Maybe because they are Greek words and my father was Greek. I love most things Greek, as I associate them with him. I just like the way they sound. Alpha and Omega! The Beginning and the End of all creation.

Christians still go to Patmos Island on pilgrimage to see the cave where John had his vision. I think I will add it to my "Bucket List" of places I would like to see.  According to the pictures in a search I did on Patmos, it is a beautiful island in the Aegean Sea. Lots to see and do.

My Faith Journal showing Verse Mapping of Revelation 1:8-9. 
The Alpha and Omega picture was found on Pinterest. Artist unknown.
The map was found on Bing doing a search of Patmos.

1. The Alpha and the Omega
2. John of Patmos
3. Visions

Ephesians 1:16
I have not stopped giving thanks for you,
remembering you in my prayers.

May I pray for you?
Please leave a comment below if you are in need of prayer.
I would be honored to pray for you.



  1. I enjoy following your journal mapping in revelations. I have never done journal mapping before and find it a little intimidating for me. I have anxiety and if I can't get something figured out or don't understand I am easily frustrated. It has and is a blessing to follow your worship and journaling.

    1. Thank you, Sara! It is easier than it looks and there many styles of Verse Mapping. There is no right or wrong way to it. Check out Verse Mapping on Pinterest. You will be amazed. Blessings. <3


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