Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year

     A new year. I look forward to new beginnings, new chances, new faces, new friends, new epiphanies. It is time to get down and turn over every rock and see what lies beneath. To look up and count every star. To know He gives it all and thank Him for these gifts and blessings.

2012/214)  A new hot water heater
2012/215)  A 60 degree day in January
2012/216)  Feeling more centered

2012/217)  Seeking the "fear nots"
2012/218)  Reading aloud with my husband
2012/219)  Taking time to listen to Him
2012/22o)    Listening when a daughter needs to talk
2012/221)    Enjoying a three day weekend with my husband
2012/222)  Planning a better way to walk through this year
2012/223)  Singing His praises at the top of my lungs
2012/224)  Anticipating tomorrow's quilt group
2012/225)  Books to read

     Blessings on your day and night, Deborah


1 comment:

  1. #220 is a work in progress for me... and I am ever thankful for the moments I get it right.


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