Monday, March 27, 2017

VM Revelation 2:1-7

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Verse Mapping (VM)
Revelation 2:1-7 is the letter Jesus told John to write to the church in Ephesus.
Seems they were slacking a little on the love they had at first. He told them they needed to repent or He would remove their lampstand from its place and they would not be able to eat from the tree of life. In other words they would be judged and found lacking.
He did like the fact that they hated the practices of the Nicolaitans as he did.
According to Nelson's Bible Commentary the Nicolaitans were a heretical group that troubled the churches at Ephesus and Pergamos.
The commentary also says that Ephesus was the most important city in Asia Minor when Revelation was written. It was the center of worship of Artemis the goddess of fertility. Paul invested nearly three years in establishing the church there.

The second picture shows a tip-in of a map of Asia Minor. I will include this map each time I VM the 7 churches and circle where they are. It may be hard to see in the picture. Remember you can click on the pic for a larger view. It still may be hard see. I think I found the map on Wikipedia when doing a search for Ephesus.

1. Jesus' love
2. Trees and flowers budding
3. Gentle rain

Ephesians 1:16
I have not stopped giving thanks for you,
remembering you in my prayers.


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