Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Does God Answer Prayers?

I have been asked this question before and my answer is always yes.

Yes, God answers prayers. I know, because He has answered mine.

He has answered mine and those who prayed for my healing twice from cancer. He has answered my prayers for my children, grandchildren, other family members and friends.

Is His answer always yes?  No.
Sometimes it is no. Sometimes it is wait.
All good and perfect things come in His time.

We don't know His reasons, but we must trust in His answers. That is not always easy for us, as we have become a "want it now" world of instant gratification. But where God is concerned and His answering of our prayers, we must be patient.

He will answer.
He loves you.
Trust in Him.

Ezra 8:23
So we fasted and petitioned our God about this,
and He answered our prayers.

1Chronicles 5:20
(The last sentence says:)
He answered their prayers,
because they trusted in Him.

1. Answered prayers
2. The ability to pray
3. Family

Phil 1:4
In all my prayers for all of you,
I always pray with joy.


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