Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Faith in the Midst of Fears

     My brain MRI is tomorrow. I'm not afraid of the MRI or what the test might reveal.  I was, until I remembered I will not be alone in the machine and however the test turns out I will still be okay. Good or bad news. Positive or negative results. I will be okay, because God is in charge of my life.  As Ann reminds us in her book, One Thousand Gifts, All is Grace.
     Fear takes on a whole new meaning when you believe that about grace. At least, it has for me.  Thank you, Lord for All of Your gifts of grace. 

     122)  Machines that see inside us
     123)  Doctors who are specialists
     124)  All my doctors
     125)  His words He left to guide and comfort
     126)  Family and friends who care
     127)  His Grace
     128)  Being His and able to praise Him freely

     Wishing you blessings, Deborah



  1. Hey, it's going to be crowded in that tunnel!


    I'll be thinking about you.

  2. I found you through Internet Cafe and want to invite you to link up for Brag on God Friday at Seems right up your alley.


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