Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday & Thankful Thursday

     I'm not sure what happened yesterday, but I'm so thankful today is different.  I woke up yesterday feeling out of sorts, depressed with basically no joy. Huh? How can that be when for the past few days I'd been spewing joy out every pore?  I read some scripture and a few pages of Ann's book and I seemed to be better. I walked around in a much better mood, then it happened again. I slid back down in the pit. ICK.  Like I said, I'm so thankful that today is a new day and filled with joy again. I know we have to expect those kind of days, being human, but I would just as soon skip them all together. I'm working on it.
     I'm going to combine "Walking with Him on Wednesdays" "Word Filled Wednesday" and "Thankful Thursdays," since yesterday was, well yesterday.
     Ann challenged us Wednesday to share this week and the next two, how we "Practice our Faith."  She asked us to answer three questions. I'm going to do one a week. 

     1)  What does it look like to believe? 
           For me it is to have faith, never give up hope, remember Who is really in charge every second of every day, follow Jesus' teachings and thank Him daily for the gifts he gives us.  

 THANKFUL THURSDAY                                                                                         
      99)  A camera to capture the moment                                
    100)  Returning favors for friends
    101)  Hearing the sounds of children playing happily                 
    102)  Helping hands reaching out in need
    103)  A black feather with a red stripe in my lawn
    104)  Heart shaped rocks
    105)  Feeling blessed on a not-so-good day

     Blessings, Deborah



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  1. It is so true that being thankful will change the tone of our day.
    We need to start each morning with a list of all our blessings. Every day would be a great day!


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