Monday, October 17, 2011

Visits with a Ladybug and a Cow

     I wish I could remember to always have my camera with me. How many times have I uttered those words? Late yesterday afternoon I rescued a  Ladybug from the dog's outside water dish, not knowing if she was still alive or not and praying she was. Yes! She was, although quite soggy, she began to immediately fluff her apple-red-polka-dot wings.  I carried her out to the remains of our vegetable garden, thinking she might like to rest and finish her drying on one of the various leaves still out there. No. I gave her many different leaves to choose from, but  she seemed to want to stay on my hand, going up and down my arm, little black feet tickling, pausing to fluff every now and then while I thanked God for this miracle gift that was bringing me so much joy. The right under wing must have taken on the most water, because it was quite some time before it came loose from the red top wing. We spent at least 20 minutes walking around my tiny vegetable garden visiting, pausing every now and again to try a leaf. Still no go. I was loving every minute of this gift from God spent with one of His tiny creatures who was in need of help and company.  I never knew they had under wings. Did you? I had never been this blessed with so much of a Ladybug's time! I felt so honored and awed and thankful. 
     As we were visiting, God, Ladybug and I, one of the cows came close and began munching the tomatoes I had thrown over the fence. I introduced Ladybug and Lady Cow to each other and noticed that Lady Cow was quite large with child. I smiled. There are six calves out in the field. all male, and wished her a happy birth. She also stayed for the entire time I was out there and even came a little closer to the fence at one point. I love country life! 
     Ladybug eventually crawled off on part of the fence and Lady Cow meandered away to join the rest of the herd. I walked back to the house to begin dinner, smiling and content to receive two such gifts in one late, Sunday Autumn afternoon.

     113)  Polka-dot Ladybugs
     114)  Cows, full with child
     115)  Country life shared with God's critters
     116)  Bar-b-Q hamburgers
     117)  Wood ordered for winter warmth
     118)  Phone conversations with far away oldest daughter
     119)  Cliff, a collector of our recyclable bottles to supplement his retirement income and says God Bless you when he picks them up
     120)  My SILs safe return from her retreat
     121)  Homemade, spicy tomato juice

     Genesis 1:26  Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth and over all the creatures that move along the ground."

     Wishing you blessings on your Monday,  Deborah


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  1. You know, I am beginning to think I need to join you in this exercise in mindfulness….

    We must talk it over..


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