Monday, October 31, 2011

In this Moment

     In this moment I have much to be grateful for. It is the beginning of the season of thankfulness. Where do I start? I am flooded with gifts. Flooded with His love. Awed by His generosity for me.  So undeserving, yet blessed just the same.
    The Gifts of...

     155)  A grandchild saying, " YaiYai, come see!"
     156)  My quiet little town praising the day in Autumn colors
     157)  New leaves on the ground after raking them all yesterday
     158)  Strangers waving as they pass by in cars
     159)  Feeling better today
     160)  A neighbor blessing others with Free items leftover from a garage sale
     161)  Being less fearful to try new things...
     162)  Or go new places, alone
     163)  Ice cold creeks trickling by
     164)  A slow Monday morning
     165)  Knowing I am never alone
     166)  Sharing His gifts

     Wishing you a multitude,  Deborah


1 comment:

  1. I am echoing #151 and #169 with you today. And #156 was a beautiful poem. :)


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