Friday, October 14, 2011

Fellowship Friday

     I joined a women's Bible study through my church. That sounds so good to say "my church."  We are studying the book of Esther. I didn't realize this book has no mention of God. It is plain that He is there, in the background and guiding as always, but no one talks about Him.  Sounds more like a book about today than Biblical times. I'm anxious to read the entire book this week and catch up with the others and discover how this drama plays out. 
     There were seven women, including myself and I now have six new sisters in Christ and they are my thankful list today.

     106)  Marylee (Minister)
     107)  Darlene  (hostess)
     108)  Gail
     109)  Karen
     110)  Dorothy
     111)  Dee
     112)  The Book of Esther

     Blessings of new Christian friends.  Life can't get much better than that.
     Wishing you a weekend overflowing with His blessings, Deborah

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