Monday, October 10, 2011


     Ann Voskamp's book, "One Thousand Gifts," came in the mail on Friday and I began reading. Somewhere between chapter 2 and 3, I was  gobsmacked right in the forehead. Seriously, it was like God smacked me upside the head saying, "Ah, now you get it." Talk about a major Epiphany!! Thank you for your guidance through Ann to my brain. ANN!! I got it, too. Give thanks in everything, everyday, ALL day long! I learned it in Sunday School, taught it in Sunday School and heard it a million times, but didn't really get it. Now I do. God likes it when we do. Thanking God daily for all His gifts balances out the bad in this world. I understand now! I'm not saying it the right way to inspire you. All I can say is read her book, start your list. I'm not getting paid to say this to you. She puts it so beautifully through her story, I just know you'll be gobsmacked, too.
     Now, my Monday gift list. 

      72)  Cats curled asleep on my bed
      73)  Choir voices singing with praises on a CD
      74)  Feathery clouds on an Autumn day
      75)  Thunderheads
      76)  A tiny moth on my bathroom mirror
      77)  Quilts to finish
      78)  Tomatoes to can
      79)  Warm Pear Crisp with oatmeal walnut topping
      80)  The glow of candle lit rooms
      81)  Bushy tailed Grey Squirrels
      82)  Knowing I have a best friend right next door
      83)  Puddles in the driveway
      84)  Birdbaths filled with rain water
      85)  Daffodil and Tulip bulbs to plant
      86)  Realizing I need a Church community
      87)  The scent of grass as I mow
      88)  Wind whipped Autumn leaves
      89)  Butter Popped Corn Rice Cakes with creamy Peanut Butter
      90)  Today's 4 1/2 hour power outage helping me see the "light" thru study
      91)  Chocolate anything

      Wishing you a very blessed day,  Deborah

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