Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Let Us Give Thanks - Day 1

Day 2 - 30 Day Thanksgiving Prayer Challenge
1Corintians 1:4-5
I always thank my God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus. For in Him you have been enriched in every way - with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge-

Write the prayer in your Prayer Journal and pray it all day long.

Day 1 - Praise and Thanksgiving Scripture Study Challenge
Day 1 - Art and Faith Journal Challenge

Praise and Thanksgiving Scripture Study

Leviticus 19: 23-25 (Focus on 24) NIV
23) When you enter the land and plant any kind of fruit tree,
regard its fruit as forbidden.
For three years you are to consider it forbidden;
it must not be eaten.
24) In the fourth year all its fruit will be holy,
an offering of praise to the Lord.
25) But in the fifth year you may eat its fruit.
In this way your harvest will be increased.
I am the Lord your God.

Write down verse 24 in your journal. Add art, if you so desire.

Digging Deeper into Verse 24

Other translations
But in the fourth year all the fruit shall be holy to praise the Lord withal.

MSG (The Message)
By the fourth year its fruit is holy, an offering of praise to God.

Holy - dedicated or consecrated to God
           sacred - sanctified - hallowed

Offering - gift - contribution

Praise - approval - admiration - commend - acclaim

Nelson's Bible Commentary
Young trees need to preserve their strength for growth rather than fruit. The owner probably would have clipped off the blossoms in the first three years. The harvest of the fourth year was a kind of firstfruits.

Art and Faith Journal

I glued the picture of fruit that I had in my magazine clippings file to an index card, then wrote the verse on the back. I used it as a tip-in for my Faith Journal.

1. Fruit
2. Gifts
3. Growth

Phil 1:4
In all my prayers for all of you,
I always pray with joy.



  1. What a wonderful way of worship. I love your creativity and reading about your studies and spiritual journeys.


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