Monday, November 21, 2016

Let Us Give Thanks - Day 21

Day 22 - 30 Day Thanksgiving Prayer Challenge by Rosilind
Daniel 2:23
I thank and praise You,
God of my ancestors:
You have given me wisdom and power,
You have made known to me what we asked of You,
You have made known to us the dream of the king.

Write this in your Prayer Journal and pray it throughout the day.

Day 21 - 30 Day Praise and Thanksgiving Scripture Study Challenge
Day 21 - 30 Day Art and Faith Journal Challenge

Praise and Thanksgiving Scripture Study

Psalm 31:21 (NIV)
Praise be to the Lord,
for He showed me the wonder
of His love when I was
in a city under siege.

Write this in your journal. Add art, if you so desire.

Digging Deeper

Other Translations
Blessed be the Lord;
for He hath shewed me His mavellous
kindness in a strong city.

What a stack of blessings You have piled up
for those who worship You,
ready and waiting for all who run to You
to escape an unkind world.

In the shelter of Your presence
You hide them from human plots,
You conceal them in Your shelter,
safe from contentious tongues.

siege - surrounded - attack - assault

Nelson's Bible Commentary
God makes His people safe in the intimacy of His friendship.

Art and Faith Journal

This is a copied file from Monica of Bible Journaling by Monica. Here is her YouTube link.
If you join her channel and Facebook page you will have access to her wonderful Bible Journaling files on Facebook. She makes beautiful art to worship our Lord. Thanks for sharing your talent with us, Monica.

Gratitude (prompts from
3 gifts family
1. Shared memories
2. Birth Mother and adopted Mother
3. Belonging

Phil 1:4
In all my prayers for all of you,
I always pray with joy.


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