Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Three Special Links

Challenge - Day 26

Start with God
Stay with God
End with God

For those of you who have a Bible Journal, Faith Journal, Personal Journal or any other kind of journal, I would like to recommend Teri Kojetin's videos on YouTube.. This talented lady will knock your socks off with ways to journal.

Another talented artists is Cat Hand. Her artistic flair is phenomenal. She shows you so many ways to create an easy piece of art. I have used many of her lessons in my Faith Journal and card making. Check out her Mixed Media Morsels. She has shared 31 of them.

Have you ever thought of becoming a blogger or been a blogger for a while and need an uplift?
Rosilind Jukic at a little R&R is offering a class on just this topic beginning in January 2017. Check it out here:

Hope these are helpful and you can find some inspiration from these talented ladies.

Today I finished studying the book, "Beyond Kabbalah,," by Rabbi Joel David Bakst.
It was one of the hardest and most enlightening books I have ever studied.
Congrats to me and thank you to my SIL for being my study partner and leading me on this journey. I never could have done it without you. Thanks for your patience and guidance.
Thank you, Rabbi Bakst for writing such an inspiring and enlightening book.

1. The talent of others
2. Fall leaves dancing in the wind
3. My dogs, Molly and Leena

Phil 1:4
In all my prayers for all you,
I always pray with joy.


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  1. Thank YOU for going on that journey with me... I learned new things too... :-) Having a study partner is a powerful thing!


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